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Wandering Around the World, One Stop at a Time

Welcome to my travel blog.  I’m Melanie.  I love traveling, thrifting, and getting deals while doing both.  I want to see as much of the world as I can, whether it’s in another country, state or city.  Here, I’ll share my journey via tips, stories, and everthing in between.  Stick around for the adventures!

view of the Hollywood sign
woman kissing the Great Sphinx pyramid in Egypt

Hey, It’s Melanie

If traveling, catching travel deals, or thrifting bring you excitement, you will feel at home here.  I wanted to share my journey, so I decided to start this blog. 

The travel bug hit me years ago.  It started when I took my first cruise in 2000.  I immediately became hooked, especially because I visited multiple stops on one vacation.  Upon returning from the cruise, I was watching a Travel Channel episode and saw my next adventure on Royal Caribbean.  From there, I was off to visit Miami, Puerto Rico, and the rest is ongoing!  The more I travel, the more I try to get better at stretching my dollar on airfare, accommodations and excursions.  

Thrifting came into the picture a few years prior to traveling.  It’s something I would do periodically, but picked up more once I moved to Atlanta.  It’s a big hobby, so much so that I now incorporate it in my travels.  It doesn’t matter whether I’m local, in Chicago, Baltimore, or Paris. Wherever I travel, I put it on the ‘things to do’ list.

I’m combining my love of traveling and thriftiness on this blog.  I want it inspire to you to travel and not break the bank doing it.

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