Since half of this year has passed, I am revisiting my 2022 thrift list to see how successful I’ve been on my quest.  In January, I drafted a thrift wish list, the top things that I wanted to score this year.  Any time is good time to write a thrift wish list – draft it for the year, upcoming season, month, etc.:


1.  Leather Trousers
I have run across a few.  Many were the typical black, but either the style was really dated or they were too small.  I found a pretty gray pair once, but I couldn’t get the zipper to move.  As there wasn’t a fitting room, it wasn’t worth the chance for purchase and them not fitting.

2.  Colored Trench Coat
I stumbled on light yellow and occassionally green, but not the right shade.  I bought a beautiful chocolate brown one from a consignment shop by the brand CO that was amazing.  It was extra oversized, so I had it tailored to make more reasonable.  It will look great in the fall.  I think I wore it once before the weather became too warm.

3.  Mustard Blazer
I’ve wanted one FOREVER.  Whenever I run into them, I don’t like the silhoutte.  They look dated, so the hunt continues.

4. Designer Scarf
No luck at all on this front.  However, I have thrifted 3 non designer scarves that I plan to wear as halter tops.

5.  Lego Set 
These bring in a lot of money if you have a full, vintage set.  No luck.  I also totally forgot about looking for it, so it’s definitely low in priority.

6.  Metallic Pleated Skirt
I thought I would have stumbled on 1 in the spring, from folks purging winter items from their closets.  No such luck.  We’ll see what autumn brings.

7.  Camouflage Pants
Camo pants are still hard to find, specifically a pair that fit me well.  I want full length for my 5’10” frame. Along the same line, I have found 2 awesome camo jackets, 1 from a thrift store and the other from a consignment shop.  Can’t wait to wear the newer one (it’s longer) when the weather cools.

8.  Open Fitting Rooms
This was most pressing wish on the list.  It really depends on the store whether or not they are open.  One chain hasn’t opened them, while some others have.  I asked a thrift store employee who said they are short staffed, not having enough personnel to keep the rooms clean and work the floor.


That’s the end of revisiting my 2022 thrift wish list for the 1st half of the year.  I have the rest of the year to see what happens.  You never know, I may no longer want some items as the year moves on.  Did you have a thrift wish list this year?  What things were you able to cross of the list?  Happy hunting!

camo jacket
printed scarf

Phillip Lim for Target

scarf for halter top