At the top of a new year, we generally come up with new goals and wish lists for the year.  This is not a task that you have to do at the beginning of the year.  Any time is good time to write down your wants.  Therefore, I’ve decided to visualize my 2022 thrift wish lift, as I haven’t had a written one in awhile:


1.  Leather Trousers
This item can be real or faux.  I currently have a few different style leather bottoms.  However, I’d love a pair of straight trousers, in a slim silhoutte.  I spotted a pair recently, but didn’t the seams going across the legs.

2.  Colored Trench Coat
I find trench coats all the time while thrifting, but I want a non-neutral one (orange, yellow, kelly green, etc.).  My favorite thrifted trench is gray, with a substantial removable lining.  I liked it so much that I got it tailored from 2 sizes too big.

3.  Mustard Blazer
I’ve wanted one for a while.  I have a mustard moto jacket that I wear in spring/summer, but I want a layer that I don’t have to take off.  This one would work year round.

4. Designer Scarf
I had good luck a few years ago, thrifting a vintage Hermes scarf.  I have no idea why I sold it.  It would have looked great wrapped around the handle of a shoulder bag.  These are not as expensive in consignment shops, but I want the thrill of the thrift hunt and price.

5.  Lego Set 
These bring in a lot of money in the resale market, specifically if you have a full, vintage set.

6.  Metallic Pleated Skirt
I let this one slip through my fingers.  When returning from a thrifting bus tour, we stopped back at the Goodwill we had originally left from.  There was a silver one there, but I left it. I’ve since regretted it.

7.  Camouflage Pants
Camo pants have become harder find these days, specifically a pair that fit me well. I am very tall and would like them full length, not cropped.  What makes it harder is that it’s usually the men’s sizing that are long enough, but those generally have a lower crotch.  Sigh.

8.  Open Fitting Rooms
The most important want of them all.  I know you all feel my pain on this one.  This global issue has been going on for 2 years and some stores still refuse to open the fitting rooms.  I don’t understand what the big deal is, unless it’s a staff shortage to put merchandise back on the floor from the rooms.  At least open 1 room on each side of the store.


Well, that wraps up my 2022 thrift list, at least for now.  The good thing about a list is that you can always edit as you see fit.  Do you have a thrift wish list?  I’d love to know what’s on it!  Happy hunting!



leather trousers in the thrift store
metallic pleated skirt
thrifted and tailored trench coat

Thrifted trench, before and after alteration

thrifted Hermes scarf