Hey guys! It’s been awhile! For anyone new around here, I’m Melanie, an avid thrifter and traveler, with a slight obsession for both at the same time.  My travel slowed down a lot last year, but I hope to pick up the pace this year.  Since it’s easier to quench my thrifting thirst with little planning, I did just that a few months ago at Unclaimed Baggage, by way of a Thrifting Atlanta Bus Tour.

Unclaimed Baggage is a huge store in Scottsboro, Alabama, affectionately known as the “land of lost luggage”. The company has purchasing agreements for unclaimed items with all domestic airlines and other travel and transportation companies. They sort, clean, authenticate (where needed), price inventory and house in a department store like setting. As they must pass along those costs to consumers, don’t expect thrift store prices. However, you can find prices along the lines of TJMaxx and similar retailers. I tried not to go into this trip with any expectations, but hoped to find a few gems.

Unclaimed Baggage interior entrance
Unclaimed Baggage found treasures display


The store layout was neat and organized: women, men, electronics, jewelry, shoe departments, etc. I was most impressed by the jewelry and purses, with luxury options available. None moved me enough to purchase, but there was quite a variety of brands. The men’s department was a separate, smaller building in back of the main one. A did quick walk through, with nothing catching my eye.

The main building also had small cafe’, with some of the best banana pudding I’ve ever had.  Somebody’s grandma had to be in back making that one.

Unclaimed Baggage layout
Mens sign
Unclaimed Baggage purse display

I walked away from this trip with a pair of All Saints stud earrings for $8 and my wallet in tact.  I had found a Balmain cardigan that I gave to a friend, but wish I had kept and worn at least once! LOL.  One of the trip highlights was the camraderie on the Thrifting Atlanta bus, with games and raffles along with way.  Of course when we returned to the bus, some showed off a few of their goodies and even had a mini fashion show!

Balmain cardigan
Hermes bracelet in jewelry display case
orange Chanel bag
Balmain cardigan
Posing in store

I can’t say that I would absolutely return to Unclaimed Baggage, unless it was part of a nearby trip’s itinerary.  It took about 4 hours to get there.  However, I had a good time with friends and it was a fun way to spend a Saturday.

Have you ever been to Unclaimed Baggage?  I think thrifters/bargain hunters should visit at least once. Is it somewhere you’d like to visit?