One of the joys I find when cooler temps come around is wearing a variety of coats.  I don’t like having to wear one, but if I must, I’d like feel stylish in it.  I love all kinds, but especially the belted trench coat.  It instantly transforms an outfit’s look.

I have 6 trench coats, 4 of them thrifted.  If I get anymore, I’ll have to let some go.  The black and khaki ones would stay, as those are classic colors.  I thrifted this belted trench coat in 2019.  The sleeves had a weird fit.  In hindsight, I wish I had asked the tailor to just take them in, which she has since done with other thrifted coats and blazers.  However, at that time, I decided to remove the arms all together.  This coat is only lightly lined and isn’t heavy, so I was able to wear on a recent 60 degree day in Atlanta.  I love this trench, especially because it’s soft suede, heather gray and has pockets!  It’s ironic that my background happened to be hues of gray as well.

woman posing in thrifted shorts
woman posing in closed belted trench coat
woman posing in open belted trench coat

I hadn’t worn this coat in a year, so glad it was warm enough this day.  I’d like to style again, but with a jogger set or an overisized sweatshirt, skinny jeans and sneakers.  The possibilities are endless.  I was definitely ecstatic when I found this coat, as well as 3 others since.

Do you thrift items and transform through altering, or have a belted trench coat that you’ve styled lots a ways?  It definitely has a  low cost per wear.  I’d love to hear how you wear yours.

thrifted belted trench coat