Well, well.  January definitely flew by.  I started 1 or 2 new habits for the year, and decided to improve on ones that worked prior.  One new one is making a conscious effort to wear my clothes, instead of saving for special occasions.  Who knows when the global climate will change, so I will wear what I want to brunch, grocery shop, thrift, etc. With that, how do I tackle styling my shorts in the winter?

I thrifted these shorts in September of last year from Last Chance Thrift Store.  Fitting rooms were not open, so I tried on over my skinny jeans.  The waist was super small, which meant they would need a high waist fit.  When I bought them, I immediately thought ‘how am I going to wear these?’  At the time, it was still warm, but the weather would soon change.  Five months later, I decide to wear with thigh high boots that I’ve only worn twice.   Instant warmth!  An oversized sweater and tights added to the coziness, but I could have easily worn leggings too, as the boots would cover them anyway.

woman posing in thrifted shorts
woman posing in thrifted shorts on stairs

I’m already thinking of ways to wear different, maybe with a sweatshirt and combat boots, or under a long white tunic.  These shorts have a classic houndstooth print, which would give a different vibe styled casually.  I’m glad I finally took these for a spin, after finally getting over the ‘styling shorts in winter’ roadblock.  It was so simple, but sometimes it’s hard seeing existing items in my closet in a different way.  This is also a reminder to rotate items out as I bring in new, keeping me from hoarding.

Do you have anything in your closet that you need to finally wear?  Any seasonal things that you can transition into the current one?  If so, dig in that closet and start wearing ASAP.