Hey guys! It’s been a minute.  I hope you are all are doing well in these crazy times.  Try to find some joy, by still doing something that you really enjoy, safely.  For me, that is thrifting.  A few months ago, a took another trip back home to visit my parents.  This year is flying by, because it feels like just a few weeks ago.  For this trip, I made sure I planned my consignment/thrift hunts.  You’ve already read about the double thrift store, but not about me hitting the sidewalk sale at Reduex Apparel.

I saw on the shop’s Instagram story that there would be a sidewalk sale starting Friday.  On a whim, I decided to stop by on Thursday on my lunch break.  That was a smart choice, because they had actually set up the sale a day early, so I was able to get a head start.  

Outside, they set up tents with racks, shoe bins, and tables with jewelry and purses.  Of course, you could still shop inside as well.  Since I only had an hour give or take a little, I had to move fast.  The sales assistant was nice enough to give me a bin to throw my goodies in.  I sat it on the chair, would pile up my arms outside then come and dump it all in the bin.

shoe bins at sidewalk sale
outdoor tent at sidewalk sale
accessories table
designer racks at sidewalk sale
Needle and Threat Bomber Jacket
disco pants

I returned the next day, as they said they would continue putting out inventory.  This was great for me, because I was off work and could dig through as long as I wanted.  I was there for probably 2 hours, but it was well worth it.  The pricing was great, even on luxury items and the inventory was good.  I scored a lot of high end items and a lower end brands as well.  There weren’t more than about 4 people as I came around 11 am.  We shopped masked up, with plenty of room between us.


sales dresses
Diane von Furstenberg Tweed Jacket
shopping bin at sidewalk sale
Jimmy Choo Studded Sandals
Eileen Fisher Silk Blouse
vintage bag at sidewalk sale

After leaving with my great score, I decided to head to another consignment stop, Hunting Ground.  This was an old church, turned store.  I actually walked right past it.  I didn’t notice the sign initially, so I thought it was a church.  They have gently used and new apparel and accessories.  It was a quirky place which could easily be in Little Five Points neighborhood in Atlanta.  I didn’t find anything I had to have, but would definitely stop by when in town again.


This was another great thrifting weekend in Baltimore.  When you travel to your home town, or any place for that matter, do you search for consignment shops?  Are you hitting the sidewalk sale where you live?  If you haven’t, you should give it shot!

Hunting Ground entrance
clothing racks
vintage leather jacket