Welcome back!  I just returned a few weeks ago from another trip to Baltimore, Maryland, visiting family.  As I drove up this time, I was definitely staying for a full week.  With that said, I knew I would get some thrifting in.  Have you ever gone shopping in a double thrift store?

After visiting Goodwill in FellsPoint, I was chatting with a customer that had just left.  She said how she ventures out of the city on the weekends for thrifting, suggesting a visit to double thrift store in Silver Springs.  She didn’t remember its name, but a quick Google search turned up Unique Thrift Store and Value Village.  It turns out that they are two separate thrift stores, but are side by side in the same strip mall.  I decided that I would visit on Saturday, and invited my aunt and sister (first time thrifter) along for the journey!

Goodwill Store in Fells Point
gray leather jacket at Goodwill
crossbody bag from Goodwill Fells Point

We left from my parents’ house at 10 a.m., arriving at the stores at 10:35 a.m.  It did not open until 11, so we just waited in the car.  At 10:45 a.m., we began to see people get out of their cars and line up (masks on) to enter.  Of course, we followed suit, as we didn’t know how many people they would let in at a time.  We wanted to get right in and get to it!

At 11, they promptly opened the doors.  Once I got in, I realized that the two stores did not have a wall separating them.  However, you did have to pay for items before leaving one side and walking to the other.

On the left was Unique Thrift Store and the right was Value Village.  We started with Unique first.  The store was bright and well organized.  It was really big, about the size of a typical standalone retailer or home goods store.  No color tag sale in sight here.  Basically, prices were ‘as marked’.  There was huge inventory, but only one a few things caught my eye.  I found a Burberry London men’s blazer, but it had a stain.  I searched the super long handbag wall, but had no luck there either. I did find some super cute, brand new pink Timberland boots that I got for my neice.  My aunt and sister found a few items as well.  In hindsight, I wish I’d gone to the household section for to peek for vintage dishes.

designer shoes at Unique Thrift
front view facing into Value Village

View from Unique Thrift Store

women's aisle in Unique Thrift Store
pink Timberland boots from Unique Thrift Store
wall rack of clothing in Unique Thrift Store
Unique Thrift Store aisle

Once paying for our Unique Thrift Store items, we placed the bags in the car and returned to the right side of store, Value Village.  I didn’ have any luck there, but part of the fun is in the hunt.  Again, my aunt found a few things, but no luck for my sister and I.

I don’t think I would necessarily return to shop this double thrift store, due to no color tag sale and it was a little expensive for a thrift store.  However, it was still great to experience.  When you travel to your home town, do you thrift at the usual places or do you try to find a new spot, maybe one further away?  I’d love to know if you have any luck!

Value Village entrance
woman covering eyes in picture
denim section in Value Village
Value Village purse row
Value Village shirt section