Wow.  I can’t believe it’s already July 2020.  So much has gone on this year that it has been exhausting at times, from the pandemic to fighting against police brutality and systematic racism.  While still remaining diligent in fighting for what’s right in my own way, where I can, I must also continue to do things that bring me joy,

On that note, I went to my hometown Baltimore, Maryland, for a week to visit my parents.  Since they shouldn’t travel due to the pandemic, I decided to visit them.  We had plans to take them out of the country on vacation, but had to scrap that.  Evn thought about having them come to Atlanta, but eventually had to forget that too.   I was in Baltimore for 7 days, but didn’t think about (last minute) thrifting until my last full day there.  I knew I didn’t want to do Goodwills this time around, so landed on consignment shops.  I did a quick Google search on ‘best consignments shops in Baltimore’.  A list came up from someone’s blog, so I decided to go with it.

Three were in the same area and close to my parents’ house, so those were an easy picks.  They all had ‘special hours’ due to recent reopening from mandated shut down, so I really didn’t have a lot of time.

Vogue Revisited was my first stop.  The owners were quite friendly (I assume a husband and wife). It’s a small shop, but quite long and packs a punch.  It had anything you’d want from vintage, designer, and modern pieces.  I gave myself an hour and a half here, which wasn’t nearly enough time.  However,  I needed time for the other two spots.  Of course I asked permission to take photos which they granted, and appreciated me asking first.

I made two trips to the fitting room and decided on a brand new Anthropologie tiered dress and a vintage straw clutch.  Whenever we get to go on vacation again, will definitely carry it.  I left behind a cool, textured jacket, since I had no idea how to style it.  If I couldn’t figure it out there, then I probably wouldn’t at home either.  I also want to stick to the rule of buying an item that I can wear two to three ways.

consignment shop's front window
consignment shop purse display
consignment shop shoe rack
skirts section of consignment shop
consignment shoe room
vintage straw clutch
tiered silk dress
sheer jacket

The next stop, Re Deux, was a ten minute ride away.  It’s a high end consignment shop, tucked in a little side strip, with a few other shops.  I almost didn’t see it.  The assistants were welcoming and answered my questions.  One offered to open a dressing room, if I was comfortable.  I said yes, and she sanitized it right away.

The store was bright and airy and well organized.  There were high end brands like Louis Vuitton and Louboutin, as well as brands like JCrew.  I tried on two pairs of pants that looked great (Phillip Lim and JCrew).  One had a small snag on it and the other didn’t pass the sit down test, especially since there were no belt loops.  For this test, I sat down to make sure I didn’t look like a plumber under a sink.  I do this when trying on jeans too.

Wrapping up in a little over an hour, I just made out with a unique straw bag.  I guess I’ll carry it on a trip to Home Goods or social distance lunch with friends eventually.

ReDeux shop sign
ReDeux purse section
ReDeux high end shoes
ReDeux dress section
ReDeux Phillip Lim pants
ReDeux unique straw bag

The ladies at Re Deux said my next stop was in short walking distance, so I went for it.  I was in the cut in residentials neighborhoods, which reminded me of the Little Five Points or Virgina Highland areas in Atlanta.  The final stop was Love Me Two Times, Designer Consignment Boutique.  This store packed a punch for such a small location.  There was lots of inventory, since closed due to pandemic.  I gave it about forty-five minutes, because I was super hungry at this point.

The assistant was friendly and we chatted a few minutes.  I tried on a Pucci fuschia blazer which is nice, but I wasn’t with the price.  There were some hot sandals in the window, but of course not a size ten.  The racks were close together and required digging in, so I gave it a quick pass through two times.  I went around the corner to Eddies for a treat’, which is like a small neighborhood Trader Joes.  There was a line outside, because they only allowed about 5 customers the store at a a time.  Bought the best, too expensive fudge cookies from the bakery.  I don’t regret it, as I’m a chocoholic.

I would definitely return to all three shops on my next visit home.  When you travel to your home town or anywhere for that matter, do you do any last minute thrifting or do you plan it in your visit?  Do you have any luck when you do?  I’d love to know if you found any gems!

Love Me Two Times store front
Love Me Two Times jewelry stand