Whoah!  2020 has come in with a bang and January has flown by.  At this time, you might be thinking about where and how you want to travel in the near future and later in the year.  I usually draft a preliminary wish list in December of must-visit and nice-to-visit places.  When brainstorming your own list, think about 5 ways to take a vacation:

1.  Take a Road Trip
Travel doesn’t have to involve a flight out of the country or any flight at all. To give yourself a break from day to day, week in/week out activities, visit a location close to where you live.  Maybe you can drive up to the mountains for an overnight or weekend stay.  Hop one state over by car and enjoy a museum, restaurant, or whatever activities you like that are available.

2.  Create a Staycation
This is an easy one to do. It only requires you researching what’s going on in your city or town.  Book an overnight stay at a hotel or bed and breakfast. Make a spa day out of it, getting a massage and/or facial there or at a nearby business.  Go to a concert, play, live music lounge, or local spot you’ve always wanted to visit, but never take the time. Be a tourist in your hometown.

3.  Fly to a Different Coast
Research and book a trip to the opposite side of the country you live in.  This is a great way to experience a new area: it’s different climate, culture and cuisine.  If you can’t decide where, just go to a travel site and randomly book a location based on a sale fare. That would be quite adventurous!


4.  Hop on a Cruise
Get on board and book a cruise. This is a great way to see multiple stops on one trip.  You can book a cruise directly through a cruise line’s site or through a vendor like Expedia.  If you find that you really enjoy one of the stops, go back to that location directly on another vacation!


5.  Fly to a Different Country
Pick a country you’d like to visit. Research costs, travel requirements, weather, and currency conversion. Also, weigh the pros and cons of travel insurance.  Finally, book that international flight. 


That’s it. It doesn’t have to be difficult. You can pick one or many combinations when deciding how you’ll take your vacation.  However, don’t feel like you have to decide all at once.  So, get going and get to traveling!

Which ways will you choose?