It’s vacation time!  You’re leaving for your flight, bus or train route on tomorrow.  You completed your travel check list and decided what to wear once at your destination.  Whether a short or long haul, you want to be as comfortable as possible.  Here are some helpful tips on what to wear on travel day:

1.  Carrying Personal Items
Bring a bag that is easy to use, preferably a hands-free one such as a crossbody bag, tote, fanny pack, or backpack.  These will leave your hands free to carry your luggage.  It will also be easy to access your identification, money, and toiletries like tissue or hand sanitizer.

2.  Going Through a Security Checkpoint
Your transportation mode will dictate the level of security scrutiny.  Nevertheless, wear a jacket that you can get easily get in and out of.  You may not want to be bothered with elaborate buttons, snaps, and zippers once in the airport, train or bus station.  If so, at least take it off as soon as you arrive.

Make sure you are wearing socks or have a pair in your pocket.  I don’t put my bare feet on anyone’s floors but my own.  If required to take off your shoes (as not on a flight carrier participating in the TSA program), you can put on socks to protect your feet.

3.  Being Comfortable
Comfort is key so that you can be in a great mood once arriving at your destination.  You want nothing to stop you from hitting the ground running, unless it’s your choice to chill.  I would suggest wearing loose clothing.  For me, I usually travel in leggings with a tunic, joggers, or a sweatsuit.  I want to wear something soft and that does not prevent me from moving and eating freely.  I also can’t imagine a long flight wearing jeans, especially when it’s time to sleep while partially sitting.  That light jacket you carried will also come in handy if the plane, train, or bus is cold.

I also don’t wear heels on travel day.  Some ladies can handle it, but I’m not the one.  I cannot walk fast and carry luggage in heels.  I will not take a tumble and become someone’s slow motion Twitter meme.


4.  Taking Bathroom Breaks
Never travel wearing a jumper/romper or some intricate item.  If you have to make a trip, especially in tight quarters, you don’t want any part of you or your clothing touching ANYTHING.  Maneuvering out of a jumper could prove challenging, especially if it zips in the back.  It may lead to an unfortunate incident.  Yikes.


5.  Maintaining Good Circulatory Health
For long haul flights, wear compression socks.  They have many benefits such increasing blood circulation to legs and feet, preventing blood clots or swelling of feet ankles and legs.  I forgot to wear them on a returning flight that was over 8 hours.  For 2 days, I could not see my ankles.  I was so scared, that I planned to go to the emergency room if it did not clear on day 3.  Luckily, I finally saw my ankles on that day.


There is so much to think about before traveling.  You never want to forget anything important, so you can enjoy your vacation and home away from home.  Wearing the above items on travel day should make the transition from home a little easier.

So what do you wear on travel day to feel your best and have the smoothest journey possible?  I’d love to hear!