I know people say ‘life changing’ about a lot of things, but Bali, Indonesia was definitely it for me.  A friend was having a milestone birthday and decided to invite others to celebrate with her in Bali.  Say what now?  We gladly jumped on board.

As hubby and I like to do combo trips,  we went to Singapore for a few days first.  Then we caught a round-trip flight to Bali.  We stayed at an Airbnb for two days before joining the group.  While exploring the neighborhood, I immediately noticed that the traffic was insane.  We had to get a security guard from a store to help us cross the street!  I couldn’t find a crosswalk nearby and there was no way I was jumping out there.  We had good food daily and the world’s best hour long foot massage for $8. 

After the two days, we joined the group at the Villa Bayugita in Ketewel.  It’s a such a beautiful property.  We had a private room with an ocean side view, chefs that cooked for the group twice daily, and a driver to take groups to desired activities.  The staff members were friendly and very attentive to everyone’s needs.  Breakfast was outdoors, ocean side every day and the view was breathtaking.  If you wanted something that wasn’t on the menu for breakfast or dinner, you’d take a quick trip to the store for what you wanted and they would prepare it.  

I felt so relaxed while there.  I loved the sound of the ocean so much that I slept with the bedroom doors cracked, to fall asleep to the crashing waves.  Because my vacation started about six days prior in Singapore, by the time it was day three in Bali, I had forgotten the date and the day of the week.  Some afternoons before an outing, I would just relax poolside, watch my husband fly his drone, and listen to the waves.  What also made the trip cool was the group of people helping to celebrate my friend’s birthday.  I did not know any of them prior, but everybody was so nice and down to earth.

We enjoyed many fun activities, but the highlight for me was the Night Safari at the Bali Safari Park.  Visitors are enclosed in a cage built on a truck.  We ride through the part of the zoo where the animals are free to roam.  They would come up to the side or jump on top of the truck.  If desired, you could feed them vegetables.  The onboard guide fed the tiger raw chicken breast.  I passed on that, but certainly captured video.

From this trip, I decided that I want to visit Bali again, but for longer periods of time.  I loved the quiet and the feeling of being there so long that I didn’t know or need to know what day of the week it was.  I’d like to visit for a month at a time and possibly live there full or part-time in the future.  It doesn’t hurt that the U.S. dollar goes a long way there.

If you want a vacation that is relaxing with cool things to do, take a trip to Bali.  It will not disappoint you.


Mount Batur

Pura Tirta Empul Temple

Villa Bayugita