The hour and a half ride from Naples Airport to the Amalfi Coast was beautiful and scenic, but a little nerve wracking.  The roads are single lane, winding up and down the sides of the mountain a lot of the way.  Sometimes, the driver would have to pull over, making room for a bus making a wide turn. I definitely would not want to rent a car there.  

Day 1 was just for getting to know the lay of the land and walk the neighborhood.  I bought a cute dress, had a great dinner and gelato to end the day.  For day 2, I had plans to visit nearby Capri and take a Blue Grotto tour (named due to the intense blue color of the water in the cave), but the weather would not cooperate.  It did not really warm up and it also rained off and on.  That put a damper on the water plans, so I decided to visit Ravello, a nearby coastal town. 

It was a short ride via an open-air bus, perfect for taking photos or capturing a video of the coast.  Ravello is a picturesque backdrop, with all the houses floating in the mountainside. I visited a cute museum, and had a sweet treat at a little bistro.  There was a beautiful church, nice shops with crafts, clothing, and pottery, and quaint restaurants. For the most part, I walked around soaking up the views.

I would definitely recommend visiting Ravello.  It is a laid back stop as you hop around the Amalfi Coast. It wasn’t crowded and there are places to shop and dine.  Just relax on a nearby bench and enjoy the views.